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We Meet LA's New Young Comics on the First Episode of 'FLOPHOUSE' on VICELAND

On the first episode of FLOPHOUSE, we meet a group rising stars in the comedy scene, and we see stand-up performances by Clare O'Kane, Solomon Georgio, Brandon Wardell, and many other very funny people.

On February 29, VICE will launch our new TV channel, VICELAND—a 24-hour cable channel featuring hundreds of hours of programming. Today we're bringing you the first episode of FLOPHOUSE, a new show officially premiering Thursday, March 3.

On FLOPHOUSE, filmmaker Lance Bangs takes you inside the lives and shared homes of some of funniest up-and-coming young comedians as they throw house parties and intimate stand-up shows in living rooms, backyards, and garages across America.

In the first episode, we're introduced to comedians Solomon Georgio, Eric Dadourian, and James Austin Johnson who live together in a house they've dubbed "Babe Island" in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. We head to the roommates' garage to check out a DIY stand-up show featuring performances from Clare O'Kane, Brandon Wardel, Curtis Cook, James Adomian, and Alice Wetterlund.

Watch the first episode of FLOPHOUSE and stay tuned for new episodes airing at 10:30 PM on Thursdays. Visit our website to find out all the ways that you can watch our new VICELAND shows.