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Question of the Day - How Many Times a Week Do You Break the Law?

"I'm a dealer, I break the law all the time."

Welcome to Question of the Day. Making sure you listen to your conscience.

Laws are for pussies, unless they are protecting our stuff or ensuring our right to poop in any John we like, regardless of our race, color, or creed. Our approach to laws is similar to Shaq's appraoch to free throws, we follow them when they count. So murder is probably a no-go, but rubbing one out in a movie theater or taking a leak in an alley aren't too too off base for us. How many times a week do you break the law?


VICE: How many times a week do you break the law?
Daniel, 24: Whaaaaaat? Do you want me to tell you how many times I break the law?
Tell me, go on. I’d say in the region of 15 times a week.
Really? What do you do to break the law? This and that. How about you?
I might smoke a bit of weed… I do a lot of things. They’re secret, though. I will say that I party a lot. Partying isn’t illegal.
It is how I do it!

[This guy wished to retain his anonymity for obvious reasons, so we agreed that Ballchinian would best represent him.] Wenlock: Depends how many drops I do. Oh, right. Are you a dealer?
Stop talking so loud! Yes, I am. So I guess I break the law all the time. Definitely. On average how many times a week do you break the law?
A 100, maybe more. I don’t know. Business is good, then?
Yeah. Do you want my card? You have a card? That’s not very discreet.
Do you want it? Yeah, go on.

Jerry, 55 (left) and Sue, 50. VICE: How many times a week do you break the law?
Jerry: I used to a lot when I was younger, but not so much these days.
Sue: I got a speeding ticket not so long ago, and I actually do speed a lot. You do speed?!

That’s really bad for you. What else do you get up to?
Jerry: We’re not really law-breakers, our son probably does.
Sue: Yes, I’m sure he does. LOL. So how many times a week do you think you break the law?
I’d say no more than five. Not serious laws, though.
Jerry: I’d say the same.


Eleanor, 22: Ummmm, like minor crimes? Why, what have you been up to?
Murder! Haha, only joking. What minor crimes have you committed this week?
Lying, smoking… I don’t think lying is breaking the law.
Oh yeah. I’d say I broke the law four times this week, but it’s not the weekend yet! Mai, 26: I don’t know but I do break it. Do you think there is anyone who has never broken a law in their life?
Hell no. It’s impossible. Most laws are stupid anyway. What do you think the most common crime is?
Smoking weed, I’d say. It shouldn’t even be illegal. Preach! So how many times a week do you break the law?
About 20. Maybe more, some weeks. Claire, 42: None! I think that’s a lie. It’s hard not to break the law.
I’m really boring now, probably in my youth I did. What did you do?
I used to steal candy. See, you have broken the law. That’s a terrible crime.
I think everyone has stolen something at some point in their lives. Will it ever happen again, Claire?
Possibly. I wouldn’t rule it out.

Mike, 31 (left) and Kirsty, 29. VICE: How many times a week do you break the law?
Mike: Uhm, I smoke a bit of weed now and again. I do illegal stuff when I’m driving.
Kirsty: Is talking on your phone when you’re driving illegal? I think so…
Kirsty: Well, that’s one crime. Haha.
Mike: I used to be a right thug. When I was younger I must’ve broken all sorts of rules. Are there any laws you think should be abolished?
Mike: Speed limits. In some countries they don’t have them and they’re fine.
Kirsty: I think people just ignore the law anyway.

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