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A Diehard YouTuber Rendered 'Zelda: Ocarina of Time' in Unreal Engine 4

High-definition triforce, anyone?
Rachel Pick
New York, US

If you've ever wanted to see the Nintendo classic Zelda: Ocarina of Time rendered in splendid detail, the internet has taken care of that for you. YouTuber CryZENx took a scene from the game and transformed it with Unreal Engine 4, and the result is pretty stunning.

Rendering old-school games in modern gaming engines is a hobby for CryZENx, who previously rendered Sonic and Pokémon with earlier versions of the Unreal Engine. He also provides a download link for PC, which just contains the room, Link's character model, and animations the modder has added. (He recommends playing around in the scene with just a keyboard and mouse—for full instructions, read his top comment under the video.) One user points out that the filesize of just this demo is over 30 times the filesize of the entire original game on N64.

But while these projects are very cool to look at, and doubtless take a lot of work, it's not the same as developing a game from the ground up. So the YouTube commenters clamoring for a full version of the mod shouldn't hold their breath—not to mention there are a ton of legal issues when using copyrighted characters.

Since Nintendo (and its part-owned subsidiary The Pokémon Company) are very litigious when it comes to copyright claims, it's somewhat surprising CryZENx's modifications haven't been taken down. Enjoy them while you still can.