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Hyperdub, Ninja Tune, 1080p, Principe, XL, and Many More Just Announced Parties in London

You'll be glad summer's nearly over.
August 6, 2015, 10:50am

Yes it's August, but for most of the country it is also raining. Your holidays are probably now nothing more than a few Instagrams and some Euro's rattling around in the front pocket of your rucksack. We've got a month or so left, but face it. It is probably time to start considering exactly how you are going to deal with the inevitable reality that summer is going to end. If only someone could announce a series of events run out of our nation's capital that are seeking to bring together the best and most influential labels and artists in electronic music with some of London's most revered venues. What's that? They have? Pretty weird coincidence considering the specificity of the question I just asked, but go on, tell me more…


The Clock Strikes 13, a new series dreamt up by the minds behind Hydra, have just revealed a lineup stretching from October to December that is bringing nights from the likes of Ninja Tune, XL, Principe, Astral Black, Planet Mu and so many more, to some of the best venues in London. The idea behind the series is to showcase the diversity of the ever evolving underground in 2015, so expect a meticulously curated journey through techno, grime, house, hip-hop, bass, and everything in between. Given the names behind each night, we have no doubt the lineups will be completely next level. The full list of dates are below.

Check out a teaser trailer here:

2nd October - Lex, The Laundry
3rd October - Boxed x Local Action, Corsica Studios
9th October - Príncipe, Dance Tunnel
10th October - Skam Records, Birthdays
16th October - 1080p, Dance Tunnel
17th October - Smalltown Supersound, Bloc
23rd October - Liberation Technologies, Bloc
24th October - SUED, Venue TBA
30th October - Ninja Tune I, St Johns at Hackney
31st October - Bok Bok Takeover, Village Underground
6th November - XL Recordings, Village Underground
7th November - Hyperdub X Teklife, Corsica Studios
20th November - Ninja Tune II, ICA
21st November - 20/20 X Astral Black, Village Underground
27th November - Houndstooth, Village Underground
28th November - Planet Mu 20, Village Underground
4th December - Northern Electronics x Samurai Horo, Corsica Studios
11th December - Viewlexx, Bloc
12th December - Ninja Tune III, Corsica Studios
18th December - Eclair Fifi Presents, Bloc
19th December - Comeme x Highlife, Corsica Studios

Find out more about CS13 here.