Significant Moment in Dance Music 2015: Tiesto Just Crashed a Yacht into David Guetta’s Dock


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Significant Moment in Dance Music 2015: Tiesto Just Crashed a Yacht into David Guetta’s Dock

Is this dance music's mid-life crisis?
March 26, 2015, 1:00pm

Tiesto has crashed a yacht owned by David Grutman (owner of Miami super-club LIV) into the private dock of David Guetta. And apparently, Martin Garrix was also there - drinking champagne from a Louboutin when all of this was going on, we presume. As this chilling video depicts, the electronic-elite have responded with such flippancy, you'd assume Tiesto had dropped toast on the carpet - not, y'know, ploughed a VanDutch 55 power boat into a private residence.


Dance music, eh? Where are we? What started in the dimly lit bars of Chicago, grew in the warehouses of Manchester and London and matured in the underbelly of Berlin has culminated in a millionaire's playground, where a world famous DJ can drive a world famous club owner's yacht into another world famous DJ's private dock, and nobody gives more than a "whoopsie!" shrug. Once a safe space for celebration and expression, for the searching souls of any background, dance music isn't even a safe space for million dollar boats with search and rescue transponders.

All that remains to be seen is where we go from here. Perhaps this will be the peak that bucks the trend, a visible height of such pompous excess that the underground will be forced to respond. Or perhaps this is instead the start of a number of high profile DJ boating incidents to come. Who knows what the next headline will be, today it's Tiesto on a yacht, tomorrow it could be Calvin Harris crashing a cruiseliner into Skrillex's personal marina, or Steve Aoki exploding a hovercraft because he didn't safely extinguish the roll of 50s he'd just set fire to.

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