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Burial Brings Wintry Melancholy to Goldie’s “Inner City Life”

The remix is part of a Record Store Day 2017 exclusive release.
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Tomorrow (April 22) marks the tenth anniversary of Record Store Day, when music lovers and collectors celebrate independent record stores. Ahead of the occasion, drum and bass icon Goldie shared the long-anticipated remix of his 1995 classic, "Inner City Life" featuring late singer Diane Charlemagne, by UK enigma Burial.

Whereas the original is soulful, uplifting, and relatively mellow like a summer day, Burial in his interpretation brings a bustling, wintry sort of melancholy, chopping and pitching Charlemagne's vocals in his trademark reverb-heavy manner. It's part of an "Inner City Life" remix 12" (which also includes Goldie's own 2017 rebuild) which will be released as a Record Store Day 2017 exclusive. Listen to all three versions below.


Burial's remix of the track was first mentioned back in 2015 during a BBC Radio 6 interview between Goldie and host Gilles Peterson. "It's amazing," said Goldie. "My friends don't get it, but I get it completely."

In June, Goldie will release his new studio album Journeyman. Later this year, he will also release a new memoir, All Things Remembered.

"Inner City Life" (Burial Remix)

"Inner City Life" (Goldie 2017 Rebuild)

"Inner City Life" (Original Mix)