Battle of Santiago Want You to Dance as Much as You Can

Listen to their new song “Pa’ Bailar” from their forthcoming album 'La Migra' now.
April 11, 2017, 2:45pm

Now more than ever, you need a reason to just dance it out. The Battle of Santiago get that, and they have just the thing to help in the form of their latest song, "Pa Bailar" which is featured on their upcoming album, La Migra.

La Migra—which translates to immigration police, in case, even in the current environment, you've never heard it——is the third album from Battle of Santiago, a Cuban-Canadian band founded in 2011. They mix sultry Latin American beats with Afro-Cuban post rock and even add some light electronica every once in a while. I know you're thinking that sounds like the type of music you listen to at the pool in the hotel during another family vacation you didn't want to go on in the first place, but trust me. This is some good shit.

According to the band, "Pa Bailar" was written to invite everyone to dance, have fun and forget about the problems of life. What more could we want?

La Migra is out  April 28 on Made With Pencil Crayons.