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Hell Yeah, Haim Is Back with New Track "Right Now"

Their new album, 'Something to Tell You' is coming in July, too.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Hey, you! Do you like excellent guitar music performed by three women whose main hair inspiration is Stevie Nicks? Of course you do, because the only band I could possibly be talking about here is Haim, the sibling three-piece who changed the face of pop-rock with their debut album Days Are Gone in 2013. And if you don't like Haim (even if you pretend not to like them, you still like them really), your life must be a joyless place.


So, very good news for music in general today, because they're back with a brand new song "Right Now". So far, the only recording that has been released is in the form of a live studio performance. But, because it's Haim, that's a live studio performance that just happens to have been directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. They chatted to Zane Lowe a bit about that, on his Beats 1 show earlier:

But that's not it. They've confirmed their album will be called Something to Tell You, and it's due out on Polydor on July 7. Catch me revelling in the new single in the meantime, which is reminiscent of the understated "My Song 5" on & Days Are Gone, but with gutsier guitars and the sense that the band has slowed down a little bit. And hey, that's not necessarily a bad thing—the song is a perfect example of the build they can achieve when they take their time. The sisters' voices compliment each other the way they always have, with lead vocalist Danielle Haim on particularly fine form, and the whole thing leaves me feeling pretty positive. Magic 8 Ball, will Haim make the album that soundtracks this summer? Signs point to yes.

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