Tyler, The Creator’s Original MySpace Page Featuring Six Songs From 2008 Has Emerged

Because we all love an origin story.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
December 27, 2016, 10:40am

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

If there's one thing that the unrelenting superhero movie craze of the past few years has taught us (other than the fact that Ben Affleck should never be allowed within ten feet of a Batman costume ever again), it's that everyone loves an origin story. Having gone from being hip-hop's enfant terrible as the de facto leader of Odd Future to one of the smartest and most easily recognizable producers currently doing it, Tyler, the Creator's evolution has been an interesting one to watch. Now we have another piece of the puzzle, because someone on Reddit found his old music MySpace—not quite a dramatic Uncle Ben moment, but fun all the same. So to that end, please proceed to wrap your ears around the MySpace page for "I Smell Panties" (because of course Tyler, the Creator's music MySpace is called "I Smell Panties"). It's been passed around the stand on Odd Future and KanyeToThe forums for a while but now it's been unearthed again by Reddit user BasedCarp. The songs look to have been recorded in 2008 and, despite their age, they still carry many of Tyler's hallmarks: pitched up vocals, piano breaks and his sinister but silly lyrical style all make appearances. You can visit the I Smell Panties MySpace page here, and listen to the tracks below. Thank you, BasedCarp.

(Image via MySpace)