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Have Mercy: Lorde Releases New ‘Melodrama’ Track, “Liability”

Oh, and ‘Melodrama’ is officially coming out on June 16.

A week after announcing her return with breakup party jam "Green Light," Lorde, New Zealand's greatest export since Urbans both Keith and Karl, has brought us another new track. "Liability" is a pretty ballad that has the 20-year-old confessing over a lone piano. It basically sounds like the post-club, pre-pass-out regret that hits in the wake of "Green Light"'s hedonism.

The track comes along with an official announcement that Lorde's second studio album, Melodrama, will be out on June 16. She's also performing on SNL this Saturday.

Listen to the track below and get weepy.

Lead image via Lorde on Instagram.

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