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The Internet Is Losing Its Shit Over Pizza Dipped in Milk

Another week, another pizza controversy. Welcome to the world wide web.
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Pizza, for all of its ubiquity, has lately felt like a deeply polarizing food.

Every few weeks, the internet is set ablaze by a pizza-related "controversy," like when Iceland's President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson recently proclaimed that he would ban pineapple pizza if he had the legislative power to do so. That turned out to be a joke, he told MUNCHIES.

But the Internet's reaction to a recent mayonnaise and green pea pizza post was no joke, garnering almost a million impressions on Twitter and making its author a social media superstar. We made our own version of this monstrosity (and we can tell you that it is, in fact, objectively awful).


And now, another pizza aberration has emerged from the bowels of the Internet. In an apparent attempt to combine the joys of milk and cookies with pizza (while ruining both simultaneously), Twitter user @hyrulecitizen shared this offensive photo of a slice of pie being dunked into milk.

Buzzfeed claims that @hyrulecitizen citizen is actually a 20-year-old college student named "Mariam" from Dallas, Texas, but she would not provide her last name, all tweets have been made private, and the profile picture on the account has been replaced. While there is the distinct whiff of trolling here, the fallout is a testament to how how protective people are over pizza.

Despite massive backlash from the Internet, @hyrulecitizen ended up posting another photo of milk and pizza, only fanning the flames of outrage.

When it comes to pizza accompaniments, we might look the other way—or even get down—when it comes to Ranch dressing or sriracha, but the line has to be drawn firmly at milk.  Even if this is just trolling, it's disrespectful to pizza, and pizza deserves a lot of respect.