Yooo, This Pizza Box Turns into a Pipe You Can Smoke With

A hell yes for humanity.
March 14, 2017, 5:15pm

The geniuses who invented the Push For Pizza app—with which you can order this delicacy at the touch of a button—have once again rewarded us with one of their ingenious ideas. As it goes, Nikolas Gregory Studio prototyped a pizza box with a serrated cardboard shape that can be punched out and folded into a smokeable pipe. Now, you can enjoy two of life's pleasures with just one utensil, you lazy or too-young-to-go-to-a-head-shop stoner. Push for Pizza folks bought the design from NGS, and launched the concept on 4/20/2016.


Screenshots via

It comes with detailed illustrated instructions on the pizza box (to avoid any confusion): a simple printed command that reads, "Rip Off, Fold, Insert Stand." The usual plastic stand that prevents the box from smashing the pizza is hereb made out of ceramic, and acts as the bowl for your new pipe.

The pizza-box pipe is meant to curb the stress of the munchies by making the ease of smoking, chilling, and snacking, a combo deal. For now, the pizza pipe is only a concept, but all hail the design gods, please make the world a better place by seeing this idea through to completion. Amen. 

This article originally appeared on Creators Mexico.


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