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New Swears Return With Shitfaced Guitar Anthem "Dance With The Devil"

Listen to the lead single of the Ottawa band's forthcoming album 'And The Magic Of Horses'

Photo by Jordan Wiens The only thing more tired and toothless than people saying Ottawa is a lifeless government town is a self-congratulatory take juxtaposing a particularly edgy or fun piece of the city against the broader Boring Ottawa®. Neither side really seems concerned with anything but navel-gazing. Luckily for both, Ottawa's power-punk rock and rollers New Swears are back to smack both of those needy, self-absorbed narratives on the back of the head and hand them a beer and a new record.


And The Magic Of Horses, the quartet's follow-up to 2014's ridiculously great Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever, is coming out June 23 on Dine Alone Records. They've punched out another 10-track wrecking ball of snotty, shitfaced guitar rock, and now, they're sharing lead single "Dance With The Devil." The song piles on charming harmonies and summery melodies that make a warm weather anthem: "It's not hard to find friends on a Saturday night!" they shout-sing on the chorus. It's a typically raucous rip for a band that's beloved for all the usual reasons. You know, like Jackass-level masochistic hooliganism and building halfpipes in their living room.

"We wrote the song in an old Quebec cottage after a long night turned morning of beers and skipping stones," explains bassist Sammy J. Scorpion. "The cottage belonged to the devil himself, Buddy Smiles, who used to live on our couch and takes a guest verse on this song." Check out the track below.

Look out for the band as they tour across Canada:
April 21 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison w/ Greys & Solids
June 23 - Ottawa, ON - House of TARG (All Ages)
June 24 - Ottawa, ON - House of TARG (19+)

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