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Danny Brown Grabs Jonah Hill to Direct His "Ain't It Funny" Video

The collaboration was teased on Twitter yesterday.

Danny Brown let our imaginations run wild yesterday when he announced a mystery collab with Jonah Hill. Earlier today it was revealed that Hill had directed Brown's latest video from his Atrocity Exhibition album for song "Ain't It Funny." The video, which premiered on Periscope, shows Brown actingacting as Uncle Danny in a spoof of a TV sitcom.

In the video, like the song, Brown battles with drug addiction but this time the prescription bottles are life size, and having a conversation with him in the kitchen. Gus Van Sant, Joanna Kerns, Lauren Avery, and an annoying, evil kid also have roles in the video. Watch the Facebook Live video below by going to the 1 hour mark.

Photo: Screengrab taken from video via Periscope

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