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K-Lagane’s G-House doesn't stick to the genre’s G-Code.
November 28, 2014, 10:15pm

As an off-shoot of the deep and garage house movements, G-house has a sound that is immediately recognizable. Hip-hop vocals are chopped and sorted into infectious hooks, bass lines take center stage and drum programming is direct and punctual.

For K-Lagane, these production conventions are guidelines but not rules. "Bump" is the first track he dropped with Sound Pellegrino and is the only one that seems to adhere to the G-House code. "Mind" on the other hand, sounds like a more hypnotic version of Nice7's "Back to 90." His most recent release, "She's So Fine," is another beast altogether. In fact, its floor rattling kick, snappy clap, dusty symbols and intermittent bass jiggle seem to bring it closer to the sounds of techno than house―more like Matrixxman than Amine Edge & DANCE.

Despite these differences, K-Lagane seems dedicated to G-House's powerful swagger. He will release new music on Amine Edge & DANCE's label CUFF in 2015 and perform during the labels' Ministry of Sound showcase on December 6. In anticipation of those events, we commissioned K-Lagane to put together our newest Northmix. In it, K-Lagane displays his magnetic interpretation of G-House. With producers like him at the helm, the genre's robust sound should be poised for long-lasting relevance on dance floors everywhere.

This article was written by Nick Yim – follow him @theoldny