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L.I.E.S. Producer Person of Interest Goes on a Virtual Reality Escapade in His New Video

From the single "My 97s" on Person Of Interest's Self-Titled EP.
February 13, 2016, 7:20pm
Image courtesy of Garrett McGale

Last June, the producer Person of Interest released his excellent self-title EP on the Brooklyn-based experimental techno label L.I.E.S. Records. Now he's offering up a mind-bending video to his single "My 97's."

Directed by artist and designer Garrett McGale, in the video street court hand ball players are sucked Tron-like into a virtual reality world of pin-up posters and demonic creatures. An onlooker watches from a mock-up of a low-cost Brooklyn housing unit is apartment, summing up video as one big allegory. ""The video explores tensions that exist between humanity and technology," McGale told THUMP over email. "I was inspired by 'My 97's' original title, 'Summer Dread,' and the video loosely traces a Brooklyn summer day enveloped by a dark energy. Original VHS footage of people playing handball in the park are juxtaposed with a digitally-rendered, high-definition dragon, a symbol of fantasy and entertainment. The visuals also touch on the anxieties of city living, displaying a modern housing unit adorned with the 'Fedders' logo—an allusion to the cheaply-made housing complexes that enrage real-world Brooklynites. I was interested in making these real world connections, not to shock or provoke, but to abstract and convey stresses of day-to-day life that people can actually relate to."

Watch the video below and buy the album here.