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Watch Kidkanevil's Beautiful, Anime-Inspired Video for "Inakunaru"

A new video from Project Mooncircle, directed by video art superstar TAKCOM, AKA Takafumi Tsuchiya.

Project Mooncircle always delivers the goods. This month, the Berlin-based "beat scene" label released the new full-length, My Little Ghost, from UK-born Japanophile and broken beat minimalist, Kidkanevil. For "Inakunaru," Kidkanevil and his team reached out to video artist and superstar director Takafumi Tsuchiya, AKA TAKCOM, for an anime-inspired music video dipped in psychedelic watercolors. It's a welcome break from all of the drugs, guns, butts, and babes that have been flashing across our YouTube channel with all of these club banger videos for festival season. Thanks Kid.


My Little Ghost is out now in vinyl and digital formats from Project Mooncircle. Grab a copy here.
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