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Com Truise's New Video is More Sci-Fi Than Scientology

Analogue futures from your favorite cyberpunk.

What if in 2001: A Space Odyssey, omnipotent computer HAL had access to synthesizer racks and was less hell-bent on killing people? He would be Com Truise. The Brooklyn-based producer just popped in from a three-year voyage in cyberspace to bring us the Wave 1 EP, a seven-track release with a retrofuturist fetish. It's his first transmission since the full-length album Galactic Melt, and like his previous work, it could be the soundtrack to a never-will-be Philip K. Dick screenplay.


The EP's opener, "Wasat", whirrs and blips like a nav waking from sleep mode, and when the groove kicks in, Haley's analogue synthesizers stab a wormhole straight through the fabric of spacetime. Wave 1 sustains its warp-speed momentum with the track "Mind" before Com Truise's onboard VALIS pulls into realspace with the analog funk of "Declination" (backed by vocals of Ford & Lopatin's Joel Ford). "Subsonic" pulls us back into the mainframe with rigid drum machine squeaks and the sounds of a 56K modem gone rogue, and the Hans Lo-directed video jacks us into a William Gibson novel, leading us through the gridded passages of the Information Superhighway.

Watch THUMP's exclusive premiere and enjoy the virtual reality while you can.