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Perfect Your Sunday Mood With A CFCF Cut From the "Driftless Ambient II" Compilation

Also includes a track from Real Estate and Ducktails's Matt Mondanile.
December 6, 2015, 6:45pm

With a few notable exceptions Driftless Recordings, the label run by Airbird's Joel Ford and North Americans's Patrick McDermott, has primarily taken a more laid back approach to electronic music. From the album art above, and from the sounds gathered on the label's new roster compilation — Driftless Ambient II — one can weave a narrative of friends out fishing for the day, coming back to the cabin and jamming on some sequenced Prophet 08s and Sherman Filterbanks and EWIs before cooking up some trout for dinner.


Driftless's mission statement for the series to be "an avenue for both label and non label artists to release music that may be an aberration from their traditional material," has lured in some interesting names, including Real Estate and Ducktails's Matt Mondanile, Wild Nothing's Jack Tatum, and Canadian producer CFCF. The latter's track "Dissecting" — a campanological driven tune supplemented by airy vocals, digital coronets, and deep bass — settles nicely into the hum and drum of a Sunday afternoon. Listen to it and scope out the full tracklist below.

1. Jack Tatum - Above
2. CFCF - Dissecting
3. Matt Mondanile - The Canonical Office
4. JSHUA - Kyoto Realisms
5. North Americans - Diana
6. Lost Trail - Gloaming Drew Down And Was Gone
7. Megafortress - Two Birds
8. CFCF - Over Usb
9. Andrew Abboushi - The Darkest Market
10. Jack Tatum - S
11. Forever - Lay Your Head At The Altar Of The Beast

Driftless Ambient II is out on December 11.