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Last Weekend a London Club Reportedly Turned People Away For Being "Overweight" and "Too Dark"

DSTRKT describes itself as a "playground renowned across the globe".

Last night a group of protesters gathered outside DSTRKT in Central London, to rally against the club's door policy. Lin Mei, who was invited to club by a promoter, claims that on arrival two of her friends (Reisha and Tasha) were asked to stand on the other side of the road so that the manager could see them. At this point it's alleged the manager described the girls as "too dark" and "overweight" before refusing them entry. In the wake of the incident the group took to social media in order to gain support, leading to the eventual protest that took place last night.


Furthermore, in a text conversation first reported by Newsbeat, the promoter also passed comments about darker skinned girls needing to be "hot". Since the news has broken, another former promoter of DSTRKT has come forward to confirm that the club encouraged her not to bring darker skinned girls into the club, and with-holding money if she did: "I also got money taken off my pay that night because two of the black girls I was with weren't counted as guests."

This was from earlier .. — Ayshea Buksh (@AysheaBuksh)September 29, 2015

THUMP reached out to DSTRKT for a comment, but were asked to call back later in the evening by quite a confused sounding receptionist.

The relationship between door policies and racism is something far more rampant and present in Britain than we would like to think, or likely be aware of. The incident at DSTRKT has already brought out a huge number of similar stories, qualifying (if it needed it) just how real the issue is. Hopefully, positives can be taken from this situation in bringing it further into the mainstream conversation.

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Correction: A previous version of this post indicated that the incident happened last night, September 29. The incident actually happened on Saturday, September 27.