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Amoeba Music's Flagship Berkeley Location Wants to Open a Weed Dispensary Inside their Store

If all goes to plan, you may soon be able to browse buds, and bangers, at the same damn time.
October 13, 2015, 9:45pm

There are only so many options for trying to combat the slow death of older music-selling institutions, which are largely dropping like flies because people don't really buy that music anymore. Sure, vinyl sales are through the roof, but try paying the rent at a massive store like Amoeba Music selling only disco-edit 12-inches.

Amoeba, whose iconic flagship location is in Berkeley, CA, has chosen an unconventional strategy to fight for longevity. This fall, they'll seek a permit to have a medical marijuana dispensary (sell pot) on its premises in an attempt to boost sales, the East Bay Express reports. If all goes to plan, the dispensary would flip the store's current jazz room into the weed shop, ironically transforming a section selling sleep-inducing music into a room selling something that will probably make you fall asleep.

"Weed can help save music — absolutely," says Amoeba co-founder David Prinz. He also added that "Amoeba has some really good friends who really grow some beautiful strains."Amoeba's San Francisco location already has a dispensary on-site, and they are still open, so perhaps there really is something to this. Either way, they're a great store: check out their online shop here.

If this all comes together, you might be able to soon browse buds, and bangers, at the same damn time.

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