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The Best SXSW 2015 Events You Can Actually Get Into

These are the DOs and DON'Ts of Austin boozing and music-ing.
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Each year, an assortment of representatives from the world's music industry congregate in Austin, Texas around the middle of March for an event called South by Southwest (SXSW). Over the course of the week agents are schmoozed, media are wowed, managers run out of business cards, and artists play a lot of shows for free. Because SXSW is such a hub for the industry, it inevitably leads to some phenomenal parties. If you have Facebook and a friend who is a DJ, you've no doubt been invited to a few by now.


Showcase announcements break hourly throughout March, each more unbelievable than the last. Skrillex b2b Willie Nelson, Nicolas Jaar b2b Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga b2b performance artist that vomits on her. If you can think of it, there's a good chance it will happen at SXSW (fact: Lady Gaga was vomited on last year). The problem with SXSW isn't finding good music, it's getting in. If one doesn't take care, a night can quickly be wasted waiting in line at Empire Control Room--and don't even think about attempting lunch at Franklin's BBQ.

Luckily, there are a wealth of showcases (like Noisey's), food stops (like all tacos), and panels (like our's) that you will actually get into if you pick them right. Here are a few of our favourites.

Must-See Showcases (You'll get into)

Photo courtesy of Vulcan Gas Company

Hudson Mohawke & Company @ Mohawk Indoor
Time: Tues, March 17 - 8pm
Artists: Hudson Mohawke, SOPHIE, Obey City, Redinho, Suicideyear, The Blessings
More Info:

Resident Advisor Showcase @ Vulcan Gas Company
Time: Wed, March 18 - 7:30pm
Artists: SOPHIE, Total Freedom, UNiiQU3, Suicideyear, Ben Aqua, Bob Moses, Untold x Tessela, A. G. Cook, The Horrorist, Alfred English
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Hyperdub Showcase @ Barcelona
Time: Wed, March 18 - 8pm
Artists: Kode9, DJ Spin, Taso, Ikonika, DJ Taye, DJ TRE

Surefire Agency Showcase @ Barcelona
Time: Thurs, March 19 - 8pm
Artists: L-VIS 1990, Avalon Emerson, Braille, DJ Earl, Dylan Stark, Landau
More Info: Facebook


ADE: Amsterdam's Finest @ Highland
Time: Thurs, March 19 - 8pm
Artists: Awanto3, Cinnaman, Elias Mazian, Job Jobse
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Secret Songs Showcase @ The Main
Time: Fri, March 20 - 12pm
Artists: Ryan Hemsworth, Skylar Spence, Mitski, Maxo, Lindsay Lowend, Jonah Baseball, Et Aliae, Chindamo, and secret guests
More Info: Facebook

Soulection Showcase @ Bungalow
Time: Fri, March 20 - 8pm
Artists: Andre Power & The Whooligan, ABJO, Jay Prince, Goldlink, ESTA., IAMNOBODI, Joe Kay
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Must-Attend Panels

Austin Convention Center. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

How Visuals & Tech are Changing the Live Electronic Music Experience (co-presented by THUMP)
Time: Wed, March 18 - 2pm
More Info:

Beyond Genre: How To Better Connect Fans w/ Music
Time: Wed, March 18 - 11am
More Info:

Creative Strategies for Electronic Musicians (Ableton Panel)
Time: Wed, March 18 - 3:30pm
More Info:

Equality for Women in Dance Music
Time: Wed, March 18 - 12:30pm
More Info:

Friends Don't Let Friends Press Bad Vinyl
Time: Sat, March 21 - 2pm
More Info:

Grime 2.0 – The UK's Answer to Hip Hop Grows Up
Time: Wed, March 18 - 5pm
More Info:

SXSW Deep Dives: Electronic
Time: Fri, March 20 - 12:30pm
More Info:

The Un-Distortion of Sound ft. ODESZA
Time: Thurs, March 19 - 5pm
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Must-Gorge Food Stops

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BBQ - not Franklin's
Where: Anywhere that isn't Franklin's. It's all good.
Why: Almost as good as Franklin's, but no line.


Tacos - literally anywhere
Where: See above.
Why: Outside of San Antonio, Austin is home to the highest concentration of consistently excellent tacos in Texas. If you live in Southern California, just pretend you like it.

Food Trucks - oh my god
Where: Everywhere
Why: You may think that your hometown has good food trucks, but you don't know shit. In Austin, you can get a burger stuffed with portobello mushrooms and cheese, or you could walk 15 feet to your left and get the best damn kimchi fries you've ever had. We cannot stress enough how important food trucks are to your SXSW experience.

DOs and DON'Ts

Photo courtesy of Ryan Bassi

DO eat everything.

DON'T eat Wendy's.

DO puke on Sixth Street.

DON'T not drink.

DO go off the beaten path.

DON'T go to Empire Control Room.

DO take a pedi-cab home with a one-night stand.

DON'T forget deodorant.

DO get breakfast in East Austin.

DON'T get dessert at Fader Fort.

DO make friends.

DON'T text.

DO aimlessly walk around wasted.

DON'T go home at 1AM.

Ziad Ramley is on Twitter. His boss will be at SXSW. Tweet something at him.