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Listen to a Very Rare David Byrne Remix of Skylab's "Mother's Milk"

The 90s supergroup will see both of its albums re-released on Tummy Touch Records in June.

Coming in hot: this David Byrne remix of Skylab's "Mother's Milk," an extremely rare track that was pretty much impossible to hear until today. Skylab was a short-lived but highly influential 90s electronic supergroup made up of the UK's Howie B. (also a producer for U2 and Bjork), Matt Ducasse, and the Japanese duo Tosh and Kudo (AKA Love TKO). "Mother's Milk" was on their second album, released in 1999, but it was only included in the Japanese version of their CD—hence the rarity. When I asked Skylab what they think of Byrne's remix, they simply replied, "This is a mix unheard for years. There is a certain uncertainty to it, no?"


Tummy Touch Records is actually planning to re-release Skylab's seminal albums #1 and #2: 1999 (Large As Life And Twice As Natural) this June, which will be good news for anyone who's into beat-laden psychedelia. In a press release, label head honcho Tim Love Lee (who happened to be Skylab's touring DJ back in the day) explained, "The origins of our record label can be traced back to Skylab's #1 album. My business partner Matt Smith took his first job at a DJ promo company and his first project was to mail out vinyl of Skylab's 'Seashell' single to me!"

"Both albums were so far ahead of the time but they now fit nicely alongside contemporary acts like Tame Impala, Flying Lotus and Animal Collective who mix beat-driven music with psychedelic soundscapes," he added.

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