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We Made The Ultimate List of "Body Party" Remixes. You're Welcome.

From happy hardcore to Jersey club and Jacques Greene, it's “Body Party” forever. Love you CiCi.
August 30, 2013, 6:29pm

I know that all you techno heads are probably gonna be mad at me, but I'm calling it now: "Body Party" by Ciara is the best song of 2013. Combine the greatest summer jam of all time with the cutest couple in America, have Mike Will make it, add a steamy video, and voilà: transcendence. Are you sick of it?  If you are, there's other articles on this website, I guess.

But if you're a normal person with a soul then you're probably down to just listen to a bunch of different versions of "Body Party" until you die of old age, holding hands with your boo.

Here are some of the best ones, in no particular order, because that'd be like ranking Future and Ciara's children, who are all going to be equally beautiful and special in their own ways, as I will tell them when I babysit them. Let's get it started.

Most of the "official" remixes of "Body Party" have been kinda disappointing, but you can't beat the "RichMix," which adds two elements that were missing from the original: a verse from Future, plus that ATL-style 808 bass. And… B.o.B.? Oh, hi, Bobby—it's so sweet of you to stop by, but when we said "party" we didn't mean that kind of party, more like… Oh, you brought an Edible Arrangement. (Sigh.) That's really nice, Bobby. Yeah, okay, you can come in. Just… just let me put some clothes on first.

A lot of remixes have taken the quiet elation of the original and cranked it all the way down into bummerville. Supraman did the exact opposite, blasting this sweet love song way into outer space with his perfect, nostalgia-inducing happy hardcore mix. Have you ever seen two people who are hand-dancing by themselves at a rave notice each other, then slowly move closer and closer, and finally begin joyfully hand-dancing together? I have. It was beautiful. It was kinda like this.

NOLA's DJ Westbank Red (one of the few female bounce producers!) blesses us with this straightforward but infectious bounce mix. Somebody tell Cici this version is even better for

booty popping on a headstand.

Over the past couple years, one of the best parts of any new R&B radio hit has been the Jersey Club remixes that inevitably—and eerily quickly—follow. "Body Party" is beautifully suited to the "booty bounce" style of club music, and at this point, almost every Jersey producer has put out their own bed-squeaking take on the song to remind you what it's really about: doin' it. Here's one of the best by DJ Tray, but also check out DJ Sliink x Nadus, DJ Irresistible, DJ KMillz, DJ Rell, and DJ Taj x Groove—the last of which incorporates a sample of Ciara's "Promise"...

This bass-driven bootleg from Vancouver producers Kutcorners and Marvel cuts up Cici's vocals to emphasize "tonight it's going down" and "don't stop," making it perfect for either the club or the bedroom. Plus it starts sounding like a LucasArts adventure game soundtrack about a minute in, which totally rules.

It can really only be called serendipity how perfectly "Body Party" pairs with Dubbel Dutch's 2011 Mixpak release "Hymn." The haunting tropical vibes of the riddim complement Ciara's vocals perfectly, giving them a particularly exultant quality that kinda makes your heart feel like it's gonna explode.
The inimitable Jacques Greene took his time with this one, releasing it for free a couple weeks ago along with his lovely remix of Ciara's underrated "Sorry." It's deep and special and sexy and probably good for making out in the rain. 

The intro packs piano house vibes and "My Boo" samples to let you know that there's something very emotional about to happen, and Esta doesn't disappoint, seamlessly weaving in the Ghost Town DJs' original with high drama synths. As Soundcloud commenter zxyz astutely notes, "Remixes like this with females in them are the best."

When Thomas Henry Huxley—19th century biologist and friend of Charles Darwin—read The Origin of Species, his first reaction was to exclaim, "How extremely stupid not to have thought of that!" Similarly, when you hear this blend, in which Ben Aqua pitches Cici's vocals down to fit Timbaland's legendary instrumental, you'll be like, "OMG, duh." It's flawless. How could it not be?

This sweet, vibes-y trap take on "Body Party" by mysterious producers NEVR came out just a week ago, which means that there's probably even more "Body Party" remixes still to come, which is exciting. How about some UK garage versions? One-drop reggae refixes? Never stop loving and believing in "Body Party," y'all. "Body Party" forever.

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