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This Buddhist Priest is Using Techno to Bring People to His Temple in Japan

Gyōsen Asakura is a former DJ based in Fukui City.

A DJ-turned-Buddhist priest, Gyōsen Asakura, is currently raising money to do psychedelic "techno memorial services" at the Shō-onji (照恩寺) temple in Fukui City in central Japan. The 49-year-old priest has already hosted two such services; the video above was taken during a service in October last year. Asakura is now hoping to purchase better equipment for future versions, reports Japankyo.

Asakura's services incorporate electronic music styles ranging from sound art to IDM and breakbeats, and the visuals are not unlike something you'd see at a warehouse rave. His goal was to raise roughly $2684 (300,000 yen), but he's already exceeded that and raised about $3121 (350,000 yen) from 35 supporters, with s16 days still left to go.

"Originally, golden decorations in the temple are expressions of paradise light," Asakura said to THUMP over Facebook. "However, the light of a traditional temple has not changed its form from 1000 years ago to use candlelight, even after electricity was invented. I felt doubtful about that, and then I thought about expressing paradise with the latest stage lighting such as 3D mapping. We also hope to revive the Japanese faith with these ceremonies."

You can contribute to the crowdfund on Readyfor until February 24, when it closes.

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