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Club Kid Michael Alig Claims Police Mistook Healing Crystals for Crystal Meth in Drugs Arrest

Police arrested him at a park near Yankee Stadium at 1:30 in the morning last Tuesday.
Photo by Rebecca Smeyne

Infamous NYC nightlife personality Michael Alig was arrested last week for drug possession and criminal trespassing in the Bronx, a spokesperson from the District Attorney's office has told THUMP. The drug charge was later dropped, but he was charged for trespassing in a park near Yankee Stadium after hours.

Alig, the former Club Kid who served 17 years for a widely-publicized murder case, was stopped by officers at around 1:30 AM on February 2 for being in the Joyce Kilmer Park after closing time. According to a criminal complaint seen by THUMP, the officers spotted a "glass pipe with a white, rock-like residue" in Alig's pocket, which he admitted to using for crystal meth.

Alig has since disputed that the police found crystal meth on him, telling Page Six that the police had mistaken what were healing crystals for drugs. He said he was carrying a mineral called piedra lumbre.

The District Attorney's office said Alig plead guilty to trespassing in the park after it was closed, and that he got a conditional discharge. Alig's controlled substance charge has been dismissed.

Alig was released from prison on parole in 2014 after serving time for his role in the manslaughter of Andre "Angel" Melendez, and has since attempted a return to nightlife. Last week's incident occurred two months after he finished his parole on November 30.

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