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The Black Madonna to President-Elect Trump: “You Will Not Stop Us”

“Because we are what makes America great and we shall not be moved.”
Photo by Aldo Paredes

Upon President-elect Trump's victory on Tuesday night, Chicago DJ and producer The Black Madonna had but one short, but very visceral reaction: "FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK." Today she has penned her thoughts for Dazed exploring her deep-rooted issues with Trump and what his presidency means for America.

In the essay, she looked back on her days growing up poor in Kentucky, when she was often confused and bullied about what she called her "gender problems." Like many others have, she sought refuge in the inclusive world of afterhours clubs and raves. "We could dance and be ourselves for a brief moment before the spell was broken and we had to go back out into normal Kentucky life," she wrote. That normal life, she recalled, included seeing her friends forced into gay conversion therapy. "I have to remember all of that because last night America made a terrifying decision."

The remainder of the article outlines President-elect Trump's (and his Vice Presidential running mate, Mike Pence's) backwards views regarding topics such as immigration, race, sexual orientation, and women's rights. Despite initially feeling powerless, she has harnessed the strength to, as she put it, "live through you or fight you to the bitter end."

"And this time I am not alone," she added. "The whole world rebukes you. And you may not know it, but the people you hate are the baddest motherfuckers on earth… We are your poor, but we are not so tired that we cannot fight and by the grace of God we are already free. And you will not stop us. You will not win. Because we are what makes America great and we shall not be moved."

Read the entire essay over on Dazed.

Also this week, The Black Madonna announced her first new single in three years, "He is the Voice I Hear," which will be released exclusively at Chicago's Gramaphone Records on custom-designed vinyl.