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Neil Gorsuch Called Trump's Anti-Judge Tweets 'Demoralizing'

The SCOTUS pick reportedly voiced his concerns in a meeting with Democratic senator Richard Blumenthal.
February 8, 2017, 11:45pm
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump's pick to fill the vacant Supreme Court spot, is reportedly pretty offended by the president's tweets regarding the federal judge who blocked his controversial immigration ban, CNN reports.

Gorsuch, who was nominated (and then man-handled) by Trump just a week ago, met with Democratic senator Richard Blumenthal on Wednesday and said that he felt that Trump's tweets about US District Judge James Robart were "demoralizing" and "disheartening." On Saturday, the president called Robert a "so-called judge" and then followed up by tweeting that people should blame him and the court system if "something happens."

"He said very specifically that they were demoralizing and disheartening and he characterized them very specifically that way," Blumenthal told CNN. "I said they were more than disheartening and I said to him that he has an obligation to make his views clear to the American people, so they understand how abhorrent or unacceptable President Trump's attacks on the judiciary are."

The federal appeals judge from Colorado has been meeting with various senators on both sides of the aisle ahead of his upcoming confirmation hearings with the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Democrats will likely ask him about his opinions on Trump's tweets. In order to get confirmed, he'll need at least eight Senate Democrats to back him to reach the 60-vote threshold to avoid a filibuster.