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Listen to The Angelus's Haunting, Southern Gothic Post-Rock Odyssey

The Texas trio's third album, 'There Will Be No Peace,' draws from post-rock, dark folk, darker pop, and doom, and drops January 13

"Haunting" is a word that gets thrown around all too frequently in music writing, particularly within the annals of heavier or darker music, but sometimes, it fits too perfectly to avoid. The music made by Texas trio The Angelus fits squarely into no single peg; rather, their Southern gothic tones draw from post-rock, dark folk, darker pop, and doom. Their third album, There Will Be No Peace, sees them crafting an often uplifting, often melancholy composition that feels epic, brutally timely, and, indeed, haunting.


Vocalist and guitarist Emil Rapstine commented, "The album is a song-cycle, a gapless album, with each song starting on the note where the previous song ends, allowing for the songs to transition into one another seamlessly to form a cohesive whole. The first and last song also share a common theme musically and lyrically bringing the album full-circle."

The album drops today, January 13, via Tofu Carnage Records. Listen to it in full below, and allow yourself to drift away on its slow waves and crescendos.

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