Australian Streaker Given Week in Jail After Naked Funtime on Sri Lankan Cricket Pitch

The gentleman in question enjoyed an extremely naked slip-and-slide session on the wet pitch covering, and was subsequently arrested.
July 28, 2016, 1:58pm

An Australian cricket fan has been sentenced to a week in a Sri Lankan jail after streaking across the wicket at the Pallekele stadium and frolicking naked on the wet pitch-covering.

Alex James, from Brisbane, went on his nude adventure after the final test of Australia's tour of Sri Lanka ended in a washout. With the teams in the dressing rooms, he climbed over the boundary fence and onto the pitch before stripping off, exposing himself to the world and sliding about on the slippery turf-protector in sheer and total glee.

Now, here, in Britain, we are quite fond of our streakers. We are generally amused by the sight of naked Australians unleashing their inner manchildren. We like slip-and-slide funtime as much as the next nation, and our sensibilities are unlikely to be offended by the occasional flash of bollock or arse. If Alex had froliced naked at Lord's, or the Oval, he would most likely have elicited a few drunken cheers, then been led off by a conspicuously amused policeman and given a halfhearted slap on the wrist.

Unfortunately, Sri Lanka takes a somewhat harder line when it comes to naked Australians. Indeed, when Alex had finished gambolling in the nude, he was soon arrested and given an overnight stay in prison, before being bailed the next day.

According to Cricket Australia, he later returned to Kandy magistrates court, and was given a week in jail as well as a fine of 3,000 rupees (around A$28). The Sri Lankan judiciary does not take kindly to indecent exposure, clearly, so maybe think twice before streaking across their cricket pitches, or don't do it at all.