Arizona Cardinal Matt Barkley Loses This Week's QB Bet, Runs Around in His Undies

It's approaching the asymptote of nakedness at this point.
January 3, 2016, 9:47pm

I'm not sure what kind of locker room antics the Cardinals have been conducting, but their PR team have certainly been the direct benefactors. Because off-field content doesn't get much more entertaining than this.

In this week's Cardinals QB challenge, Matt Barkley lost a bet—some kind of competition that pits the Cardinals quarterbacks against each other—and took to the field wearing little more than a helmet and his Cardinals-themed undies (which were maybe a Christmas present?). Last week Carson Palmer had to run across the field wearing a bikini top and skirt, and so it seems that the wager is approaching the asymptote of nakedness.

It's a good thing that the University of Phoenix Stadium is warm this time of year. Because you may as well expect the playoffs to yield some kind of thong run for Drew Stanton in the next couple of weeks.