Guamanian Player Gets Yellow Card for Marriage Proposal After Nifty Bicycle Kick Golazo

Let's hope the ref officiates that wedding.
January 13, 2017, 6:57pm

In a Guam League match against Guam Shipyard, NAPA Rovers' Ashton Surber pulled the ultimate 'when bae watches you play' move last weekend: he proposed to his girlfriend La'Kiesha Pereda immediately after executing a tidy little bicycle kick golazo. I mean, yes?

Normally I'm not one for sports marriage proposals, but there's something pretty spectacular about this one. That is, if you can forgive Surber's weird "come at me, bro" pose. It's probably the fact that it's a player instead of some doofus on a Jumbotron (nothing says "eligible mate" like someone who shelled out an unforgivable amount of money for the world's greatest cliché marriage proposal). That, and he's getting a yellow card for the whole thing behind his back. Let's hope the ref officiates that wedding.

P.S. Rovers won and she said yes.

[h/t Pacific Daily News]