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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Chairman Swats Woman in Face for Interrupting Her "Start Your Engines" Command

Motor Speedway chairman Mari Hulman George had an interesting "Start your engines" command that involved shooing a possible family member out of her way.
May 24, 2015, 4:43pm

Well, this is awkward. Mari Hulman George is the chairman of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, site of today's Indy 500. While (slowly) giving the command to the drivers to start their engines, a woman in a white dress standing near her on the dais cut in and stole her glory. There is some chatter that the woman in white is her daughter, or grand daughter, but whoever she is, Hulman George was not having any of it. She swatted her in the face as she cut in front of the microphone and gave her own "start your engines" command.

Even during her introduction she appeared to be shooing the younger woman, who definitely feels comfortable enough to get all up in her personal space, out of the way. Just a weird, weird scene.