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A Face-Melting Claymation Deconstructs the Human Head

Mind = blown.
May 4, 2015, 11:00pm

A stop-motion experiment literally explodes as toy designer and animator Isak Åkerlund's deconstructs a hyperreal human head down to the muscle, bone, and yes, even the grey matter. The short and sweet clip Clayhead borders on the horrifying when the earless, noseless head blinks at you through empty sockets, but the Švankmajer-worthy flair for the grotesque is eye-popping, to say the least. We've taken the liberty of making a couple GIFs you can use to horrify your friends, which you can see (at your own risk) below.

Visit Isak Åkerlund's Vimeo page for more animation, and his website to see his design work.


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