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This Timelapse Is Like a Visual National Anthem for the Netherlands

17-year-old filmmaker Stef Kwinten spent four months braving wind, rain, hail, and snow to create 'Dutch Skies.'
Screencaps via

Dutch Skies from Guilty on Vimeo.

A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands. 

Wind, rain, hail, and snow are no match for the next-level talent of 17-year-old filmmaker Stef Kwinten. To create his new timelapse, Dutch Skies, the Eindhoven resident spent four months braving harsh weather to capture the natural beauty of his country. And for this, we're eternally grateful.


"I personally never spoke about Dutch nature," Kwinten tells The Creators Project. "But after making this video, I dare say I'm actually quite proud of the Netherlands." It would be a super cute statement if, in terms of quality, Kwinten hadn't measured up to an entire older generation of timelapsers. This kid knows what he's doing. Trust us.

Watch Dutch Skies above, and check out some screenshots below:

View more from Stef Kwinten on Vimeo.


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