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Take a Stunning Aerial Tour of Iceland's Unforgettable Terrain

Tour the best spots in Iceland, with prolific Icelandic photographer OZZO.
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Photographer OZZO knows Iceland: With over a dozen reels under his belt focused on his home country's majestic vistas, he's seen its landscape like few others in the world. So when he says, "We take you around one of Iceland´s best places," in the description of his new short, Iceland - Arctic Light, you're best off paying attention. With the soothing track, "Dwell (Snowfall Remix)" by Tony Anderson in the background, OZZO uses drones, timelapse footage, and a good old fashioned tripod to take you through the ice caves of Vatnajokull, Fjadrargljufur Canyon, Glacier Lagoon, and much more. Escaping into the frigid waves and icy, seal-covered beaches is the perfect way to beat the heat creeping up on the States—or to just tune out to on a Friday afternoon.


Check out more of Ozzo's footage on his Vimeo page and website.


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