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Gritty Timelapse Recasts San Francisco as Gotham City

The only thing missing from this timelapse is the Bat Signal.
February 18, 2015, 4:45pm
Images courtesy Toby Harriman, via

Love the look and feel of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movies—don't love the "plot," "action," or "characters?" Watch timelapse photographer Toby Harriman's Gotham City SF, a portrait of San Francisco captured in a gritty black and white that instantly reminds us of the moody Batman trilogy. "Several years ago while exploring my passion for black and white photography I found myself wandering into a look I call ‘Gotham,’" Harriman explains in the video's description. The timelapse definitely lives up to it's name, and it's a trip to see the normally vibrant bayside metropolis recast to look like the crime-ridden city from the movies.

"Its definitely my biggest project to date and hopefully something a little different for SF," Harriman tells The Creators Project. Check out the video above, and get lost in Gotham, San Francisco in these photos below:


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