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Flowers Bloom from Eye Sockets in this Music Video

Kota Yamaji’s imagery is both scary and sensual.
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Japanese artist and director Kota Yamaji created a mind-bendingly trippy music video for tilt-six’s track あなくろノイズ.  According to Google Translate, that’s Anachronism Noise in English. If so, the title perfectly matches the video, which conjures up imagery that is not at all of our time, and instead belongs to some sort of sensual dystopian future. From naked ladies frolicking in gardens that seem somehow sinister, to flowers blooming from eyelids and eyeballs buried in blooming flowers, it’s all very beautiful and very dark. The song’s poppy dance feel, however, doesn’t at all match Yamaji’s visuals. “The mismatch between music and visuals is very, very important to this work,” he tells The Creators Project. "It makes this video surreal.” Yamaji drew inspiration from the works of surrealist artists. “I particularly love the work of René Magritte,” he says. "His mind-trip artwork is so cool.”


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