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A Graphic Designer Redesigns a Movie Poster, Every Day

The 'A Movie Poster A Day' challenge delivers a graphically-pleasing box office of visuals.
Images courtesy of artist

Synthesizing a passion for film and an ability to follow a stringent schedule, Peter Majarich has embarked on a personal mission to redesign some of the most well-known movie posters. The Sydey-based designer dubs the project “A Movie Poster A Day,” in which he funnels his creative juices to produce a different graphic for—as the name states—every day for a full year. The feat is a huge undertaking, but Majarich’s final products never give the impression of last-minute creations; instead, they show off an acute attention to detail and a bold, digital-influenced style. The inventiveness of each poster reveals how much of a cinephile Majarich really is.


The designer's creative site, Craft and Graft, describes the conceit behind the project as reimagining the original theatrical poster but keeping true to the movie’s general concept and his company's "pop culture and minimalism" aesthetic.

Thus far, Majarich has shown a shrewd and tasteful eye for which films he selects, opting for a pool of zeitgeist directors, Oscar winners, and art-house films with cult followings. A rendering of De Palma’s Scarface is a subtle assembly of white powder to starkly draw out Al Pacino’s profile. While what looks like a body of complex coding language forms the blank-staring face of Alicia Vikander’s lead in Ex Machina. As of this article’s writing, 159 posters have been created for nearly half of the 365 total days.

#amovieposteraday is dedicated to Majarich’s creative journey on his Instagram. Majarich's prints are available for purchase at his website, here.


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