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A Word Game Hides Within This Surreal Quasi-Museum

Found Studio and Esteban Diácono create a museum walk filled with larger-than-life sculptures and some wordplay.
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Sparse and chilling, the plasticine-like structures in Mondegreen, a short video, causes a viewer to draw in a sharp breath at the sight of towering and sometimes moving installations. An opening clarifying phrase explains the odd-sounding title: A “mondegreen” is defined as “a misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase resulting from mishearing."

The video is the original idea and creation of Found Studio and Esteban Diácono. From beginning to end, Mondegreen is visually-inclusive, slowly bringing the viewer’s POV from behind one wall to the next, giving the impression that every new chamber is an individual piece in a larger puzzle. A caveat to the video is what each sculpture represents; as noted in the video description, each realistically-rendered structure is made to correspond with a word which rhymes with “found.” After watching the video, we were able to spot representations of “wound,” “hound,” and “drowned.”


See how far you can get, while simultaneously enjoying the uberly dreamy score by Echoic Audio:

Find more visually interesting works from Found Studio on their Vimeo page, here.


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