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Pole Dancers Bend Light in Stunning Projection-Mapped Performance

If there was a strip club in 'TRON,' this is what it would look like.
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Like some sort of post-Singularity gentelmen's club, dancers twirl, swirl, and slide around a pole against a projected minimalist grid. This is the video Genèse (Genesis) created by the art group U-Machine, and it has a funny way of sucking viewers into the movement of its dancers. U-Machine sets out to explore what they describe on their Facebook page as, “l'interaction entre l'organique et le numérique,” which translates from French to, “the interaction between the organic and the digital.” With a projected screen that reacts to movement thanks to motion sensors, the dancers in this video are able to seemingly stir up the world around them as they move.


Though motion sensors and dance have been done before in the dance performance WITH OUI, inside giant light cubes at the BAM, and even in motion sensor tutus, this piece makes itself unique with its heavy focus on the body. Genèse also seems concerned with the way geometry can highlight, dampen, and distort the human figure. Is this deconstruction of the human form a callback to the dismantling of the spiritual in the opening pages of the Book of Genesis? Maybe… Or, maybe it’s just trippy to watch people pole dance against a bunch of crazy shapes.

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To find out more and keep up with U-Machine, visit their Facebook.


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