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A Plumber Built a Hoverbike in His Garage

The future's here, and it's just like 'Star Wars.' Kind of.
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Colin Furze, the UK's favorite plumber-turned-garage inventor, has just built his own working hoverbike. A couple years back we were pumped to show you the military-grade hoverbike built by LA engineering firm Aero-X, which promised to bring Star Wars speederbike thrills at an expected $85k cost on the open market. Now that it's 2016, some guy just made one in his back yard through trial-and-error.


"That is the most outrageous thing I have ever ridden," says Furze, who's also created and driven a motorized drift trike, a jet-powered go-kart, and the world's fastest toilet throughout his illustrious YouTube career. The vehicle looks unwieldy, and can only be controlled by leaning the body in the desired direction, but it's still a working hoverbike made with the materials available to your everyday YouTube star. At the end, he completes the illusion of a straight-up Star Wars speeder bike, with obligatory neon lights and firework launchers. Put on John Williams' score for the speeder bike chase scene in Return of the Jedi for maximum effect.

See how Colin Furze made his hoverbike here, and check out more of his work on YouTube.


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