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Follow a Time-Traveling Ape Down a Wormhole (via Music Video)

Tokyo-based animator densuke28’s video for Your Gay Thoughts will bend your mind.
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Several million years ago, after humans' and chimps' ancestors evolutionarily diverged from gorillas, there was a rapid increase in the size of the proto-human brain. Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick imagined a scenario where some advanced intelligence life placed an information-sharing monolith in Africa. Now, Tokyo-based animator Takuya Takahashi (a.k.a., densuke28) is taking a shot at great ape evolution in a music video for Your Gay Thoughts’ track “To Disappear.” In it, an ape wanders through a lush, animated jungle and is hurtled through a portal or wormhole to another dimension after finding an advanced machine.


"I [was] inspired by and imagined the far future, in which the human race perished, when I listened to the song at first,” Takahashi says. “In this future, there is no trace of human lives; rather, [a] primitive scene opens up in front of you. There is a machine which the creature that looks like an ape [gets] sucked into and is transported to the past but humanity has already left. Then the ape repeats evolution and prosperity, then humanity comes to the fore again."

Your Gay Thoughts’ vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Gregor Kocijančič likes how Takahashi was able to cinematically mimic the song’s structure.

“I really like how Densuke followed the structure and the overall sound spectre of the song—for instance, the way the ape starts swimming in another dimensions exactly where the song itself opens up to another dimension,” Kocijančič tells The Creators Project. “He was basically left with 100% creative freedom on this one and was following his intuition since the first step of the video making process.”

Your Gay Thoughts - To Disappear from densuke28 on Vimeo.

Click here to see more work by densuke28. Your Gay Thoughts’ debut album, The Watercolors, is out now on King Deluxe.


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