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Can Horrifying Photos Save Your Eyesight?

Doctors made an app that uses light gore to get you to look away from your screen for once.
October 13, 2015, 7:10pm
Images courtesy the artists

Life on the internet is tough on the eyes. Some people download programs to soften the light of their laptop screens, pro gamers and serious net users wear fancy computer glasses, but many others just let their retinas be slowly burned out by the unassuming blue light. Why is it so hard to just look away every 20 minutes or so, as a study from the Southwestern Medical Center at the University of Texas recommends?


Well, the answer doesn't matter anymore, because the scary powerful hold your computer has on your vision is about to be aggressively broken, thanks to the Eyescare app. Download it for Mac or PC, and every 20 minutes your screen will be obscured by some seriously unpleasant light gore from the dregs of the internet. The informative video below explains, "We have a database of some of the internet's finest fullscreen pictures that will make you go, 'Aaargh!' or 'Blergh!' or 'Hmph!'" Warning: there is a mild example of the disgusting content of the app in the video and image below, so look no further if you don't have the stomach for really, really gross feet.

[Warning: Graphic content below.]

The funniest part is, the whole thing is funded by the Belgian Association of Optometrists—real doctors—who are just looking out for you in the internettest way they know how.

Learn more about Eyescare and download the app on its official website.


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