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[Premiere] DΛDΛ's New Music Video Gives Us Post-Apocalyptic Björk Vibes

Explore the latest self-made music video from visual artist and musician Phyllis Josefine, a.k.a., DΛDΛ.
Images courtesy the artist

Drone footage meets an animated tour inside an artist's mind in the frightening and curious new music video from visual artist and musician, DΛDΛ (a.k.a., Phyllis Josefine). In the self-produced "00030 Power," DΛDΛ explores the ways in which our relationships to the digital world often mirror elements of our own human nature, and the nature of desire itself.

For the last two years, the 23-year-old German artist has been directing, animating, and starring in abstract experimental videos made for her own ambient electronic music compositions. Though DΛDΛ, out of consideration for the viewer’s own interpretation, makes a conscious decision not to speak directly about the content of her visual work—“It would be a pity if I would destine how people see my video, since everyone has their own beautiful story about it,” she tells The Creators Project over email—the ten-minute "00030 Power" acts as a sort of exegesis.


DΛDΛ says the music was written from a place of frustration. Her peers kept urging her to change her sound in a way that would cater more to popular opinion. She tells us, “I got told that my music is too ambient, too melancholic, too slow,” but describes a moment of clarity she experienced after watching the music video for Aisha Devi’s "Mazda": “She didn't give a shit, and she made such a good track… I should just listen to my emotions.” That night, DΛDΛ wrote "00030 Power."

DΛDΛ sees music-making as a form of self help. When she was younger, she struggled to find music she could relate to, so she started producing her own. Her original goal was to make something she could fall asleep to, something that would make her feel calm. “I was trying to absorb the atmosphere around me and reflect it back in sound. I felt heavy, weak, and scared. I had a series horror scenes playing in my head. I wanted to find balance. I wanted to find peace, but chaos.”

In "00030 Power," the viewer bears a witness to this internal mental struggle, exhibited through expressive interpretative dance and abstract CGI animation. Premiere the full video below, only on The Creators Project:

You can find more work from DΛDΛ on her YouTube page or on her website. DΛDΛ is also part of the Kuwait-based music collective, Kalibr+.


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