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48 Miles of String Weave a Cathedral Walkway

Enter a tunnel of blue at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Southern France.
Images courtesy of the artists.

Get tangled up in the woven pathways of design studio Atelier YokYok’s Les Voûtes Filantes (The Shooting Vaults). The French studio’s three architects Steven Furman, Samson Lacoste and Luc Pinsard and collaborators Ulysse Lacoste and Laure Qaremy completed the project in 5 days with 48 miles of string. It was then installed in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Southern France impressive cloister garden on June 5th for the 2015 Cahors June Garden Festival. The many miles of blue strings which the group used to create this mystical installation are stretched and bound between metal frames, creating divergent architectural forms and styles which come together to construct stunning walkways and tunnels.


The installation is one of three projects in Cahors landscape garden competition and will remain on the Cathedral grounds until the end of June.

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