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A Clay Man Wiggles to Psychedelic Grooves in This Stop-Motion Music Video

Goofy claymation meets 'That 70’s Show' titles in directors Jak Ritger and K8 Howl’s video for Mad Satta.
Images courtesy the artists

Goofy claymation meets That 70’s Show’s psychedelic title sequences in directors Jak Ritger and K8 Howl’s stop-motion music video for future-soul collective Mad Satta’s “Break Me Free.” The song, which premiered on May 6th via VIBE Magazine, is the title track from the group's new Break Me Free EP,  scheduled for release on June 30th.

In Ritger and Howl’s retro-styled visualization, gangly clay dancers get down to Mad Satta's catchy tune with Gumby-worthy grooves. These wiggly protagonists echo the same playful energy of the ceramic “Brixel” dancers in the team’s stop-motion short for Gaps & Spaces, which The Creators Project premiered earlier this year. All additional animated artwork in the piece come from contributors Addie Farr, Sara Cannon, and Sam Hayes, who increase the film’s funk quota with illustrated disco-junkies and kaleidoscopic backgrounds.


Although the original video went live two months ago, Howl and Ritger have just released “The Making Of ‘Break Me Free’” on Vimeo, as part of their ongoing “digital dance party” for Mad Satta’s EP. Every week since the video’s launch and up until the EP drops, the directors plan to disseminate original GIFs as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses into the creative collaboration behind “Break Me Free” through the Vine, Instagram, and project’s designated Tumblr account.

Below, see a few of the GIFs, courtesy of the director duo, and the making-of video for “Break Me Free.”

Keep abreast of the Howl and Ritger’s weekly GIFs of “Break Me Free”’s gangly clayman on the video’s Tumblr.


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