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This Is What Baseball Looks Like from Outer Space

Astronaut Terry Virtz’s wants you to 'guess that MLB city' in his photos from the International Space Station.
April 7, 2015, 4:30pm
Denver. Images via

NASA Astronaut Terry Virtz, also known as Astro Terry, has launched an international game of trivia to test his fellow baseball fanatics from 250 miles above the earth. From the Cupola observatory module’s 31-inch-windows on the International Space Station, Virtz searches for the 28 cities with MLB stadiums, takes a photograph, posts it on Instagram with the hashtag #ISSPlayBall, and asks his followers to guess the city in question. So far he's posted ten cities, but aims to capture all of them.


“This is my favorite thing to do in orbit,” the commander told NASA. “I like to try to think of creative ways to take pictures, from a new perspective, or with new lighting. You just have to be prepared and able to use the camera very quickly and proficiently. At the speed we travel a good picture is often fleeting and only available for a few seconds.”

While aiming to entertain, Virtz’s project also sustains his own life-long passion for the game, keeping him connected to his beloved Baltimore Orioles as he orbits the earth. Nonetheless, Virtz admits that there is a limit to the power of his fantastic photos; “as good as the camera is,” he says, “it’s just not even close to the same thing as being here in person.”

Get in the game and follow Virtz on Instagram and Twitter for more #ISSPlayBall photos.



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