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MNDR's New Interactive Video Tells An Alternate Version Of Your Life Story

Login with your Facebook account and watch it play integrate your friends, job, and hometown into a music video starring you.
June 29, 2012, 5:02pm

Everyone loves a first person perspective music video, especially when it’s from the point of view of someone doing far more unsavory things than you would ever consider. You get done watching the video for “Smack My Bitch Up” or Enter The Void and feel like you’ve gotten some demons out of your system with someone else having done all the dirty work.

MNDR’s newest video, directed by Fourclops for O Music Awards, not only makes you the central focus, it customizes the whole experience using your Facebook account. You log in and then the video takes over your life, playing out on a virtual iPhone screen via texts, status updates, and emails from all your friends (and your disgruntled boss).


You embark on a journey to transform your life, which begins by cutting work to hit up a few parties and an MNDR show. Your girl/boyfriend starts to wonder where you are, and you remain at the beck and call of your friends, who are wilding out all over New York. Your boss threatens to fire you, but you just keep rocking out really hard. After a spontaneous appearance as MNDR’s DJ, she digs your style and asks you to go on tour with her. Long story short, you become the biggest DJ in the world, quit your job, and are suddenly a darling of the press.

If ever there was a music video that could truly be called an “experience,” this is it. It’s guaranteed to make you smile at least a few times, even if it’s just because it references hanging out with friends you haven’t seen in a while, or links together ones who don’t know each other. Let’s just hope you haven’t got any humiliating Facebook pics for the “press” to dig up.

Experience it here. For a non-interactive version of the video, go here.

Below see some screenshots from my interactive experience with this video.