Listen to Missy Elliott's New Trap-Influenced Banger, "I'm Better"

Somebody's been taking some tips from Migos (and it sounds amazing).
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
January 27, 2017, 11:50am

Missy Elliott has always been one to embrace the future, and her first unheard music since last year's Pharrell-featuring "WTF" doesn't stray from that habit: brand new track "I'm Better" sees her dipping a toe into the choppy waters of trap. As she rides a sparse beat as comfortably as ever, Missy's signature playful flow is alive and well ("watching my body like he watching Scandal"), with her off-the-wall style represented by the music video's futuristic slant—most of the action takes place underwater, and there are space hoppers. Because Missy. With production and a minimalistic hook from Lamb, "I'm Better" is a brave new world for Missy Elliott, but if past trajectories are anything to guy by, we can comfortably expect her to be running trap in, ooh, three months or less? Watch the music video for "I'm Better" below:

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